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Jamendo Licensing

Jamendo no longer makes payments! Tech support is not working!



  • ♪ SaReGaMa ♫
    I've been having the same experience. I made a payment request in January, which was supposed to be processed and paid in February. However, it has now been three months, and I am yet to receive the payment.
    Despite my multiple attempts to follow up on this matter, I have received no satisfactory response or solution to the problem. The support team only responded to my first message with standard meaningless replies that provide no real information or resolution to the problem and has since ignored all subsequent messages. This frustrating and disappointing experience is not what I expect from Jamendo, a company that I have previously known to be reliable and trustworthy.
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  • Tulio Borges

    Same here. I've had pending payments for over a year.

    What's going on?

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